Upcoming community events

In a time where neighbors debate online but rarely meet face-to-face, we recognize the power of bringing people together to bond over shared experiences. From informational meetings to social gatherings, Hamilton Community Association offers many ways to gather and do good.

Quarterly Member Meeting

June 7th, 7pm  |  virtual

This quarter's guests include Neighborhood Design Center who will be sharing information about their services for communities to envision better public spaces, streetscapes, and more. A group of Hamilton residents along the Belair Road side of our catchment are interested in doing a project with them, and we offered our quarterly meeting as a place for the larger community to get to know them and ask how they work. 

September 6th, 7pm  |  virtual

December 6th, 7pmvirtual

Attend our quarterly meetings to be informed about what's happening in our community and share your ideas on how we can grow. 

Fairwood Forest Fun Days

Meet your neighbors and learn about the plants and animals of our community's local forest patch. Each month is a different theme with hands-on activities that is always family-friendly (with snacks!).

Meet in the clearing across from 5921 Fairwood Avenue.